a day of no complaining.

over the summer i read cleo wade’s heart talk and loved it. there were a lot of parts that stood out to me, but one that has really stuck is the following:

try going on a complaint cleanse. monitor when complaints pop into your mind, and instead of saying them out loud, let them go. when we do this, we allow for our language to be part of how we make the world more magical and more peaceful.

since i read that i have been noticing how often i complain, most of the time about minor, unimportant things. so today i decided to give a complaint cleanse a go.

there was no particular reason i picked today, other than i thought of it when i woke up this morning. and while it is still early evening, i’m going to go ahead and determine it as a success. i made it through four virtual meetings without uttering a complaint. i drove to bridges and back with no complaint [and honestly feel like i deserve a medal for that one]. i responded to emails, sat through speakers, and picked up food, all with no complaints. twice i caught myself as a complaint was forming in my head and cut it off before it could fully bloom.

it was easier than i expected it to be, especially since it included time on memphis roads with memphis drivers. i have a long way to go to cut complaints all the way out of my life, but it was good to know i could make it a day without negative words.

slowly doing my part to make the world more magical and more peaceful.


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