my weekend with sol the pup.

alex and ryan went out of town over thanksgiving weekend, so i got to stay with their puppy solomon and live my best downtown life for a few days.

2019-05-29 08.51.09
you’ll be my new best friend? cool. memphis, tennessee. may 2019.

sol entered our lives in may of 2019, and he is hilarious and adorable. a poodle-german shepherd mix, he’s tall and lanky and so scruffy, and he has boundless energy [he is still a puppy after all, even though it’s easy to forget because of how big he is].

sol and i spent 3.5 days wandering around downtown, going for meandering walks and saying hello to everyone we met. we cuddled on the couch and watched seinfeld and brittany runs a marathon and the west wing. i ate thanksgiving leftovers while he finished up a round of meds for his recent stomach issues. we laughed at each other and became best friends, and now we have a ton of inside jokes that we’ll never share with anyone else.

2019-11-29 11.35.15
that face. memphis, tennessee. november 2019.
2019-11-30 10.33.28
best buds forever. memphis, tennessee. november 2019.

i love getting puppy time with my friends’ pets, and the long weekend was the exact perfect amount of time. sol is one of the good ones, and i love being one of his people.


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