marvelous memphis: starry nights.

starry nights at shelby farms park is one of my favorite holiday traditions. every year different companies and organizations put together and set up light displays, and cars can drive through and marvel at the decorations. in the middle of the park is mistletoe village, where you can get out of your car and meet santa, drink hot chocolate, eat some holiday treats, and go ice skating, before continuing on through the rest of the display.

i love starry nights. one year it was too difficult coordinating schedules with others, so i drove through it by myself. another year i browbeat my parents into the car – pajamas and slippers and all – to take them to see it. i think we actually managed it once with all four of us, although i can’t be entirely sure of that. twice i’ve done the starry nights 4k – now dubbed the buffaglo run – that allows you to walk or run through the light displays and see them from a different perspective. it’s a cool experience, but both times i have participated it’s been below 40 degrees, so i am on the fence about participating again.

but back to starry nights. knowing that would be out of town for a week this month and the lines would be crazy after i got back, i wanted to go as soon as i could. thanksgiving weekend seemed as good a choice as any. i managed to convince chris and jessi to come along with me, and we had ourselves a fun little date night in the park.

we actually got there too early – they don’t open until 6pm – so we grabbed dinner at red koi and then headed back over to check things out. we loved the pirate ships, we all agreed that the grizzlies logo turned out great, and we were all very amused by the dinosaurs.

i’m so grateful for traditions like this, and i’m ever so grateful for friends who are always up for my ideas and antics.

2019-12-01 19.23.17
the entrance to starry nights. memphis, tennessee. december 2019.
2019-12-01 19.26.03
you know i love my pirate ships. memphis, tennessee. december 2019.
2019-12-01 19.30.12
love the kayak guy. memphis, tennessee. december 2019.
2019-12-01 19.38.24
a second pirate ship for good measure. memphis, tennessee. december 2019.

if you want to see it for yourself, it runs through january 3, 2020. check out their website for a complete list of opening times and special events.


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