45 of 52 / 2019: a surprise lunch.

on friday morning i stepped out of the shower to a message from sam brobeck: a picture of the outside of BRIDGES and the note “got any lunch plans?” what?! i immediately responded, “umm yeah! lunch with YOU”, because obviously.

[a note: sam lives in boston, he and lauren moved there at the beginning of august so that he can attend graduate school in harvard. so i don’t expect him to be in memphis on a random friday]

this guy loves his tacos. memphis, tennessee. november 2019.

you can imagine my surprise. i had spoken to lauren the previous sunday and he was in the background passing commentary on our conversation. neither of them said boo about him being in town, so his message was completely out of the blue.

turns out he was in town just for the day before heading to a cabin with his friends to, in his own words, “do stupid guy shit”, and as he rode past my office that morning decided to message me.

and i’m so glad he did. we met at maciel’s, and it was so lovely to see him and to hear about how he’s doing. we chatted about grad school, about work, about life, and about our love of maciel’s and of lauren. it made my heart so happy to see him, and i had an extra bounce in my step all day because of it.

so thank you, sam, for making my day and my week.

miss this guy. memphis, tennessee. november 2019.

other highlights included: screening of just mercy to close out indie memphis film fest / a few quiet nights on the couch / grizz game with pat turns / successful youth ignite / fun in little rock with clinton school peeps


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