38 of 52 / 2019: friend date with brandon.

brandon is one of my favorite people for so many reasons: he’s funny, he’s loyal, he’s always ready to help, and he’s riggs’ human. i appreciate him so much as both a coworker and as a friend because he’s so dang reliable and he never demands more from you than you are prepared to give. i can be my most authentic self around him, and he accepts me exactly as i am, ridiculous commentary and all.

brandon and i hadn’t had a chance to have a proper catch up since the summer – my busy months are june and july, his are august and september – so last wednesday we made time to grab dinner and spend some friend time together.

we hung out at my house for a bit and then drove out to cordova to check out el mero taco’s new brick-and-mortar location. their tacos are delicious, and we hung out for almost an hour-and-a-half chatting about upcoming travels, books, sports, and everything else that came to mind.

i told another friend last month about how i am working hard to prioritize the people who prioritize me, and brandon is probably the best example of that. i can’t think of a single time he’s ever said no to one of my requests, and i honestly can’t think of a situation where i would say no to him. i will forever be grateful for whatever stars aligned to bring him – and riggs – into my life.

2019-09-18 18.34.29
facts. cordova, tennessee. september 2019.

other highlights included: india palace lunch / maciel’s lunch / my students made great signs for the climate strike / friday off / manicure and pedicure / fall night market at river garden / dinner with lauren and jen / chill saturday night at home / hyderabad house lunch / dinner with katie milligan


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