23 of 52 / 2019: a fun sunday brunch.

both jen and i have crazy summers between all of her camps at the orpheum and our bridge builders summer conferences, so we decided we needed a sunday brunch to kick off our crazy season and to remind ourselves we have each other to lean on. jen’s friend dacquiri relocated to memphis a week ago, so we invited her along to babalu yesterday.

i have always been a fan of babalu brunch, but they have a few additions that made my day: a bottomless bloody mary and mimosa cart that comes to you and chicken and waffles on the menu. as soon as i saw that my food choice was a foregone conclusion.

the food was delicious, and the company was even better. we spent two hours chatting about work and memphis and food and life, and it was the perfect blend of relaxation plus social interaction that i need during these summer months. i look forward to more of these in june and july.

2019-06-09 11.18.44
when the bloody mary comes to you. memphis, tennessee. june 2019.
2019-06-09 11.44.02-1
chicken and waffles all day long. memphis, tennessee. june 2019.
2019-06-09 13.37.39
welcoming new friends to town. memphis, tennessee. june 2019.

other highlights included: kicked off our summer conference training / drove the bridges van and didn’t hit anything / family in town / anastasia friday night at the orpheum / made myself ragi mudde for dinner saturday and washed it down with old monk / final visit to the nepalese stand in global cafe


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