19 of 52 / 2019: meeting puppy solomon.

alex got a puppy! his name is solomon, and he is just the sweetest thing in the world. sol came to work a few days last week, and i loved getting to run around with him and introducing him to riggs [she’s still figuring out how she feels about him, but i think they’ll get along grandly very soon].

2019-05-07 14.13.31-22019-05-07 14.14.212019-05-07 14.15.152019-05-07 14.15.242019-05-07 14.19.412019-05-07 14.36.32

[don’t worry, i have plenty more photos if you ever want to see them. videos, too]

other highlights included: last round of parent orientations / bought some concert tickets for the summer and fall / participated in an urban planning workshop / riggs came over on saturday / finished game of thrones season 5 / some potentially exciting things for the end of the summer / mother’s day lunch with the family / basketball antics with my brother / moved the last of my stuff from my parents’ to mine / finished normal people


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