14 of 52 / 2019: fellows graduation celebration.

over the last year i participated in new memphis’ fellows program along with 28 other professionals from around the greater memphis area. we graduated last month, so to celebrate we had a get-together on saturday evening.

nate and his wife shelby graciously offered to host us, and we divvied up bringing food to share. about half of us were able to make it, and we spent a few fun hours enjoying one another’s company and snacking to our hearts’ content.

i gained a lot from the program, but i especially enjoyed meeting and getting to know a cohort of people i otherwise would never have known. we span all manner of ages and backgrounds, and i am grateful to have this group of people in my corner and proud to stand in theirs.

2019-04-06 19.39.36-1
love this crew. memphis, tennessee. april 2019.

other highlights included: got my hairs trimmed / riggs came back to work / fellows a20 welcome reception / some lovely afternoon walks / girl time with katie milligan / friends who know my love language / friday porch drinks / a saturday-sunday off for the first time in a month / face time with maggie / sunday lunch with my parents


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