4 of 52 / 2019: father-daughter lunch date.

i finished work early on friday and was planning on taking myself on a solo lunch date to india palace. i happened to mention it to my father when talking to him about something else, and he asked if he could join me. i obviously said yes, because we’d not had a father-daughter lunch in a while, and we enjoyed stuffing our faces while he regaled me with stories from his childhood.

valentine’s day father-daughter lunch. memphis, tennessee. february 2017.

i often take for granted living so close to my parents, but one of the things i do enjoy is getting to have lunch with them from time-to-time. it’s a nice break in the workday, and it’s fun to continue cultivating my adult relationship with them. this was a good reminder that i need to make more time for things like this.

other highlights included: so much pretty snow in chicago / dinner and grizzlies game with katie milligan / a lazy friday night on the couch / dinner and drinks with friends / family lunch / first run of 2019 / an overton park stroll


*i forgot to take a picture of friday’s lunch date, so the photo is from another such occasion a few years ago. he’s the cutest.

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