3 of 52 / 2019: a lady date to the theatre.

last week i changed my tickets to see waitress at the orpehum since i was due to be out of town for our normal saturday afternoon show. logistics proved to be a little too complicated for my mother to join, so i asked jessi if she would like to tag along. lucky for me, she said yes.

we began our evening at the grecian gourmet on south main, where we had delicious gyros and chatted over glasses of wine. from there we went to the orpheum to pick up our tickets and grab a drink and some pie before the show began.

2019-01-17 19.31.31
all shows should include pie. memphis, tennessee. january 2019.

the pie was delicious, and we were both surprised by how much we enjoyed the show. it was timely, it was funny, and it had a lot of heart, and we made the most of our evening.

jessi and i hadn’t had a date night in a few months, and it was nice to have some one-on-one time to catch each other up on our lives.

other highlights included: another potluck dinner in with katie milligan, this time with a pit stop at area 51 for ice cream; meeting joakim noah at a program on tuesday; a hazy crazy long weekend road trip to chicago.


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