monthly recap: november 2018.

november was crazy busy and also crazy fun.

november highlights.

indie memphis film fest, an awesome 11 days in europe with maggie and katie, and thanksgiving and getting set up for the holidays. enough said.

2018-11-03 08.25.01-1
beale street in the early morning. memphis, tennessee. november 2018.
2018-11-03 09.29.49
get grizz fit. memphis, tennessee. november 2018.
2018-11-03 21.55.40
sweet girl. memphis, tennessee. november 2018.

november books.

our adaptive skills have served many of us well. but we aren’t in a man’s world anymore. now it’s our world. and shame on us women if we don’t do something to change the way this game is played so that everybody is able to bring their best to the effort. let’s embrace a new way of working that is equally geared toward our own qualities and skills.

dear madam president: an open letter to the women who will run the world by jennifer palmieri. palmieri is the former white house director of communications under president obama as well as the director of communications for hillary clinton’s 2016 presidential bid. her book is a letter to the women and girls who will one day run for positions of power as she looks back through her career in public service. there were a lot of great snippets about the 2016 election, and it was interesting to think about how many aspects of our country need to change before we will be ready for true female leadership. it’s a super quick read and a great gift for the awesome women and girls in your life.

the lost symbol by dan brown. i am about to say something that millions of people might disagree with me on, but dan brown is not a good writer. i, too, was swept up in the angels & demons and the da vinci code craze of the early 2000s, but the lost symbol was actually treacherous to get through. the writing was trite and cliched, the cliffhangers weren’t suspenseful, and i predicted nearly all of the twists. i don’t say that to brag; i say that to emphasize how poorly executed this book was. the story wasn’t bad, but the book was 200 pages too long and it wasn’t written well. i don’t often criticize books this harshly, but man, this one really was not good.

‘stay afraid, but do it anyway.’ so cheers. here’s to us being afraid and doing it anyway.

we’re going to need more wine: stories that are funny, complicated, and true by gabrielle union. this book, on the other hand, was delightful. this was an impulse buy just before my vacation because i had some kindle credit that was about to expire, and i am so glad i bought it. gabrielle union’s voice is honest and supportive, and i honestly feel like we would be friends if we ever met in real life. she is open about all aspects of her life – the good and the not – and she is unafraid to tackle subjects many others avoid, like sex and assault. i breezed through this, starting it on our flight back from budapest to chicago and finishing it before i got into my bed that night. do yourself a favor and read this book.

2018-11-10 11.12.59
en route to maggie! memphis, tennessee. november 2018.
2018-11-21 17.37.22-1
not enough pecans in the pecan pie. cordova, tennessee. november 2018.
2018-11-22 12.07.15
my guy’s favorite day of the year. cordova, tennessee. november 2018.

the best things i watched.

creed ii is amazing and everyone should go watch it. now.

2018-11-25 08.55.52
fall explosion on my sidewalk. memphis, tennessee. november 2018.
2018-11-26 19.55.24
one of my longtime favorite holiday decorations now lives at my home. memphis, tennessee. november 2018.
2018-11-30 17.59.14
loved running into this guy at the heroes’ pasta party. memphis, tennessee. november 2018.

the best things i read on the interwebs.

pointe shoes are becoming more diverse, but ballet still has a long way to go.

four parkland students just received the international children’s peace prize for their work campaigning for stricter gun laws.

memphis is on frommer’s list of places to visit in 2019.

so proud of the work my grad school classmate christine is doing with animals in new zealand.

marathon day was yet another success. forever my favorite day to be a memphian.


2 thoughts on “monthly recap: november 2018.

  1. Maggie Piazza Carroll says:

    “the lost symbol by dan brown. i am about to say something that millions of people might disagree with me on, but dan brown is not a good writer.”

    As someone that watched you struggle through this…I agree with you.


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