2018 podcast update: the guilty pleasures.

some podcasts i listen to because i learn something. some i listen to so i can know what’s going on around the world. some feed my obsession with the macabre. and others i listen to because they are straight up entertaining.

these are those podcasts.

the guilty pleasures.

armchair expert with dax shepard. i stumbled across this podcast a few months ago and quite simply fell in love. dax is so funny and down-to-earth, and he comes across as someone who is genuinely shocked at what he has accomplished. his conversations with fellow celebrities are hilarious, insightful, and entertaining, but my favorites are definitely the ones with kristen bell. they are one of my favorite celebrity couples, and i enjoy listening to their interactions and learning about their lives. the episodes are long, but they are well worth the listen.

disgraceland. i don’t remember when or how i found about disgraceland, but i am so glad i did. it’s technically a true crime podcast, but for me it falls more into this category. disgraceland digs into the dirty little secrets of musicians, like whether or not jerry lee lewis murdered his third wife or how the members of mötley crüe are still alive. host jake brennan is so genuinely interested in the episode subjects that you can’t help but be carried along for the ride.

endless thread. i never really know how to describe endless thread, but it is essentially a deep-dive into some of the most fascinating threads on reddit. i admittedly do not use reddit often – nor do i really know how to – but this podcast has provided some good entertainment. i’ve skipped a few episodes here and there, but it’s pretty fun if you’ve got 30 minutes to spare.

heavyweight. the tagline for heavyweight is “jonathan goldstein goes back to the moment everything changed.” the episode that drew me in was about rose, a woman who had been kicked out of her sorority ten years prior for unknown reasons, so goldstein helped her get to the bottom of the mystery. another episode was about a man who remembers breaking his arm as a child, but no one else in his immediate family remembers it happening; goldstein helped him figure out what actually happened and lay it to rest. the episodes are pretty engrossing, and they’re pretty fun.

my dad wrote a porno. the guiltiest pleasure of them all, and also the most entertaining. when lead host jamie’s father retired, he decided to embark on a second career as a self-published erotic novel author. jamie got hold of the books and reads them out loud to his friends alice and james, one chapter at a time, and all three provide ridiculous commentary to emphasize how terrible the books are. between the inaccurate portrayal of female body parts to the wry british humor, this one keeps me chuckling for days.

thirst aid kit. if you are ready to roll on the floor with laughter or scare fellow drivers because you are in hysterics, then this is the podcast for you. it is ridiculous and completely politically incorrect, and i love every second of it. hosts bim adewunmi and nichole perkins talk about their latest thirst objects, from sterling k brown to oscar isaac to idris elba, and each episode ends with them reading their fan fiction odes about the subject of that episode. it is brilliant and wonderful and i am all about women talking freely about what sparks their desire.

this is love. i really didn’t know what to expect from phoebe judge’s second podcast venture, but i was pleasantly surprised by this is love’s first season. the episodes cover a range of topics, but at the heart of each one is the common theme of the good that can happen when we believe in love. this one speaks to the inner romantic i like to keep hidden from the outside world.

these are some of the podcasts i look forward to most each week. have you listened to any of them? what are your guilty pleasure podcasts?


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