17in17: april.

2017-04-28 11.31.01
new month, same favorite running route. memphis, tennessee. april 2017.

so close and yet so far.

i had everything planned perfectly. i went for a run last wednesday that got me up to 14.5 miles for april, and i decided to round out the month with 2.5-3 miles on sunday to hit my goal for the month. and then it rained.

and when i say it rained, i mean it poured almost nonstop from saturday night through sunday afternoon. it cleared up late sunday, but i knew all of my running routes would be underwater, just as my goal was.

but it wasn’t all bad. i made a lot of progress in april, running my first nonstop 5k since last fall and running longer distances in general. i really wanted to hit my goal last month, and i really wanted to feel better prepared for next weekend’s bluff city 10k, but sometimes you just have to roll with life’s punches. april was erratic, both at work and outside of it, and my 14.54 miles are still my highest monthly total of the year. so i’ll take those small victories, and i’ll also be a little better about checking the weather this month.


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