17in17: february.

i am slowly finding my running feet again. i didn’t get all the way up to 17 miles this month, but that’s because i didn’t run for about 9 days while cindy was in town. even with taking that time off, i managed to get in 11.22 miles in february.

one of my favorite running paths. memphis, tennessee. february 2017.

i have been changing up my running locales, which has gone a long way in keeping me motivated. if i manage to leave work a little early during the week, i’ll go for a quick loop around chickasaw gardens. if i have time off on a friday, i try to go out to shelby farms for a run around the lake. and on sunday mornings i like to hit up overton park before it gets crowded. switching up my scenery has been good for me, and i am looking forward to doing that more in the months to come.

now that i have a little bit of a routine established for myself, i am hopeful i will rack up more miles in march. my goal is to hit 15 miles, but in the back of my head i’ll be crossing my fingers i get to 17 for the first time this year.

wish me luck!


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