celebrating my mother with a razorbacks victory.

my mother’s birthday was this past saturday, so my father and i took her to fayetteville for the arkansas v florida football game. it’s been a few years since she had been up there for a game, and i never had, so it seemed like a great way to celebrate another awesome year of mama swami.

lunch with whitney and mike. fayetteville, arkansas. november 2016.
they love taking selfies. fayetteville, arkansas. november 2016.
with the birthday girl. fayetteville, arkansas. november 2016.
that band is impressive. fayetteville, arkansas. november 2016.
the student section and band. fayetteville, arkansas. november 2016.
cheering our boys on to victory. fayetteville, arkansas. november 2016.

not only did arkansas win, but we also had a lovely lunch with mike and whitney, i got to catch up with stephanie and her girls at the end of the 2nd quarter, and we made it onto the jumbotron. it was a great weekend, and i loved being able to share it with both of my parents.

and now i am plotting how i can make this an annual event.


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