book number fifteen of 2016: whiskey beach [nora roberts].

i like to intersperse my non-fiction reading with some light reading, especially when on holiday, and for years nora roberts has been a go-to of mine. i like the mix of mystery with the romance, and generally her books are quick and easy reads, perfect when i don’t want anything too serious.

after i wrapped up complications and the geography of bliss i decided it was time to break out another of roberts’ works, whiskey beach. with the promise of whiskey talk, a killer on the loose, and a lost pirate treasure, it sounded like the perfect poolside read during my final days in cambodia.

while whiskey beach was certainly fast, and while i liked the main characters of eli and abra, i don’t think this was one of roberts’ best works. the intrigue around the treasure fell a little short, and the final showdown felt pretty anticlimactic. it had some classic roberts elements, but everything just seemed a little farfetched.

i will say, however, that it was what i was looking for at the time, so in that regard it held up. i will continue to read roberts’ books in the future, as they will forever be my guilty pleasure, but whiskey beach won’t be one of my repeat reads the way some of her others have been.

my goodreads rating: 2 out of 5 // average rating is 3.93



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