book number three of 2016: how not to travel the world [lauren juliff].

warning: minor spoilers ahead.

i have been following lauren juliff’s travel blog never-ending footsteps for a few years now, travelling from mexico to the maldives to cornwall and beyond with the disaster-prone backpacker. when she announced the publication of her book how not to travel the world: adventures of a disaster-prone backpacker, i immediately ordered the kindle edition. her blog is chock full of the trials and tribulations she has faced in the last four years of travelling the world, and i knew her book would be just as entertaining.

i read how not to travel the world in small chunks, but on the whole i enjoyed it. some of her stories had me shaking my head, like when she got scammed by two teenage girls in china. others had me cringing, such as her disaster-filled visit to cambodia where every possible bad thing seemed to happen to her at once. others made me laugh, like when she broke a house key getting into her friend’s house in hong kong.

these are only a snippet of the stories lauren accumulated in just one year on the road, but through it all she kept her head up and she kept going. there were times where i admittedly wanted to shake some sense into her, but then i remembered she has survived all these things and still has a desire to live on the road and see the world. these setbacks have not deterred her for long, and she is still doing what she loves. that’s pretty admirable.

how not to travel the world isn’t going to break any literary records, but it was a fun, quick, quirky read that for the most part kept me entertained. it’s a great read for when you need a little break from the real world.

my goodreads rating: 3 out of 5 // average rating is 4.07

crossing off the popsugar reading list: a memoir.

currently reading: starting nick kristof and sheryl wudunn’s half the sky; nearly finished with christopher mcdougall’s born to run; and making my through re-reads of nora roberts’ river’s end and jk rowling’s harry potter and the chamber of secrets.

what are you currently reading these days? anything good?


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