weekly roundup 24 // 2015.

weekend outlook:

meeting ani for a drink tonight. work for part of the day tomorrow. and planning some fun things for when my parents arrive in two weeks.

my favourite photo from the week:

inside blossom, my favourite bookshop in all the land. bangalore, india. july 2015.
inside blossom, my favourite bookshop in all the land. bangalore, india. july 2015.

interesting things from around the interwebs:

interesting story about the independent mothers of iceland. and i love the term “independent”. so much more empowering than “single” or “unwed”.

this must be a big story, because here is another one – with an infographic – about how those independent icelandic mothers are raising happy, self-confident children.

milind soman tells the world why he runs. my favourite lines: “endurance sport teaches us one thing — that if you work at something you love, patiently, consistently and with focus, not only will you get where you want to get, but every moment you will be where you want to be.” well said.

important love lessons from parks and rec. man, i miss that show.

how many words do you know? according to the test, i know the definitions of approximately 22,700 words, which is apparently below average for my age. an excuse to buy more books!

if the 50 states were people in a bar. perfect.

the disney princes redrawn as real men. prince eric has and always will be my forever favourite, but i definitely drooled a little over john smith and tarzan. i’m such a sucker for the long hair. you can see the artist’s full portfolio here.

in case you missed it:

revisiting chattanooga and playing tourist last summer included visits to clumpies, rock city + the incline railway, the tennessee aquarium, the pedestrian bridge, baylor, and that most hallowed of restaurants, typhoon of tokyo.


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