weekly roundup 20 // 2015.

weekend outlook:

hopefully a lot of sleep. belated birthday brunch on sunday. and celebrating evika’s 2nd birthday.

my favourite photo from the week:

so much love for these adopted mothers of mine. bangalore, india. july 2015.
so much love for these adopted mothers of mine. bangalore, india. july 2015.

interesting things from around the interwebs:

by now we have all heard the wonderful news that same-sex marriage is legal in the entire united states. here is one paragraph that perfectly sums up the supreme court’s decision and why this is so important. #lovewins

if harry potter had been set in india. so very true.

some great notes on how and when to use commas. grammar nerds unite!

an incredible story from reza, a photojournalist who has been documenting the lives of refugees for over 30 years, from afghanistan to rwanda and beyond. one of my favourite lines: “how does one talk about children in war? how does one describe this machine which crushes all before it?”

some beautiful and stunning photographs of vietnam. definitely a country i would love to see for myself one day.

president obama singing amazing grace while delivering a eulogy for one of the charleston church shooting victims was one of the best things i saw all week. and it was a pretty eventful week.

img is testing a new way to develop “super-bigs” to prepare them for the nba. and a fun fact: one of the two test cases is the first guy from india to be drafted by an nba team. looking forward to seeing how he does.

amazing photos of some of england’s underground water cisterns from the victorian era. what i wouldn’t give to be able to spend a few days exploring them all.

i agree, istanbul is a pretty spectacular place.

which ted talk are you? i am apparently ‘the collaborator’, which i am happy with because it led me to aj jacobs’ ted talk. i didn’t even know he had a ted talk, so that was a fun discovery for me. and then i discovered he actually has three. goodbye, productivity.

some images from a new social media campaign, #theafricathemedianevershowsyou. it’s true that africa has war, poverty, death, and destruction, but it also has beautiful people, stunning scenery, and a ton of history. i look forward to learning more about this movement.

i have staunchly refused to watch any of the rocky installments after rocky iv, even when jess from gilmore girls was in one of them, but it looks like my boycott may have to end. why, you ask? because vince howard is playing apollo creed’s son, that’s why.

a friend of a friend has begun this petition to provide programs and funding for adults with autism who no longer qualify for support. please take a moment to add your name in support, and share it around.

have you ever heard of the “oscar love curse”? i came across it today and am fascinated. also, who knew that geena davis and jeff goldblum were once married? or that kenneth branagh had an affair with helena bonham carter while he was married to emma thompson. my head is spinning.

in case you missed it:

tuesday marks one year since i set off for my veen on the road trip last summer, so for this month i will be throwing back to some of my posts on my old blog. here we have highlights from my first week on the road, which included a stop at the belmont mansion.


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