weekly roundup 12 // 2015.

the weekend outlook:

cleaning my house, washing my clothes, and packing for a two-week work trip to bombay! how about you?

my favourite photo from the week:

view from the top [sorry i'm kind of crap at panoramas]. savandurga, india. may 2015.
view from the top [sorry i’m kind of crap at panoramas]. savandurga, india. may 2015.
interesting things from around the interwebs:

my brother was on the local news chatting about tony allen and the grizzlies!

my awesome friends lara and zack are thru-hiking the pacific crest trail from mexico to canada. they’ve been on the trail a little over a week and have been sharing some great photos on instagram as well as periodic updates on their blog of their adventure. if you need further proof of how cool they are, you can also read about their time thru-hiking the appalachian trail in 2011.

fans react to mike conley, the ‘masked assassin’, during and after the grizz game 2 against the warriors. it’s pretty hilarious.

an awesome story from room to read about how a mothers’ committee in bardiya banded together to free a 13-year-old girl from a forced marriage. i continue to love this organization and the work they are doing.

tony allen walking through things. because grindfather.

gemma correll’s new book the worrier’s guide to life looks pretty hilarious.

some great pre-travel tips from geraldine, and the one thing you should never do when leaving for a trip.

may is short story month, so vintage books is releasing a short story every day throughout the month. there are stories from authors like alice munro, edgar allan poe, and langston hughes, among others, and each day a new one is available for 99 cents. i may have already bought the first five. no big deal.

26 hilarious quotes from friends. i wasn’t going to share it, but then i got to the last one, which is probably my all-time favourite quote from the show. you’re welcome.

in case you needed further proof that stephen colbert is awesome, he just funded every teacher request on donors choice for the state of south carolina, totaling over $800,000. well done, sir.

jack black and jimmy fallon’s scene-by-scene remake of extreme’s music video for more than words is one of the best things i’ve seen in months.

in case you missed it:

last week’s tales from the bus about how indian ladies don’t seem to know how to balance.


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