weekly roundup 11 // 2015.

weekend outlook:

i have a few house things to take care of, and then i’m going for an all-day trek up savandurga on sunday! how about you?

my favourite photo from the week:

my favourite little buddy in one of the summer camp centers. malavalli, india. april 2015.
my favourite little buddy in one of the summer camp centers. malavalli, india. april 2015.

interesting things from around the interwebs:

11 reasons the grindhouse is epic. for real.

what do you guys think of this map of state foods? they got the fried catfish for arkansas and the dry-rub ribs for tennessee, so i’m pretty happy with it. ooh, and that mississippi mud pie, too.

kristen bell is a rockstar for many reasons, most recently of which is her article on the huffington post about why it is important to vaccinate your children.

a spanish town is conducting all of its official business via twitter. a pretty cool concept, but one that would significantly more difficult with a larger population.

i have been following the carisch family’s adventure around the world for almost a year now, and reading about emily’s [the oldest daughter] plan to get kids around the world to help other kids is so fantastic and a great testament to the lessons she has learned during her family’s journey. if you have children, be sure to have them check it out!

if any of you are looking for ways to contribute to the relief efforts in nepal following last week’s earthquake, check out julie west’s campaign on gofundme. julie is a fellow clinton school alum who runs the red sari, an organization that provides employment for women in nepal and makes beautiful shawls out of old saris. she travels to nepal a few times a year, and she has put this campaign together to help the artisans of the red sari rebuild their lives.

in case you missed it:

dinner at the local in koramangala.


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