tales from the bus: the ladies with no balance.

this has long been one of those things that has amused me while also kind of driving me crazy on the city buses. i am not trying to be sexist when i say this, but somehow the indian ladies have zero coordination when they are on the bus. they trip while getting on, they fly from side-to-side when the bus turns or stops, and they fall all over everything while trying to get off.

but it’s also very strange. i rarely see the men flying all over the place like this, and my interns never seemed to have any problems, so i don’t know why these women do. the college-age girls seem to be ok, but women who are 40 and above have crazy amounts of trouble controlling themselves.

now, sometimes bus drivers brake suddenly and everyone goes flying, myself included. but sometimes it just seems overly dramatic. i used to wonder if they did it in the hopes that someone would give up their seat for them. but now i just think they don’t know how to handle themselves on the bus.

i never noticed anything like this on the trains in bombay or on buses or trains in europe or new york, so i have concluded that it is an indian thing, through-and-through.

and it really can be quite entertaining. until i take an elbow to the head, that is.


7 thoughts on “tales from the bus: the ladies with no balance.

    1. veen83 says:

      I know, it always cracks me up! Maybe I could charge to give lessons on how to balance on the bus — wonder if I could make any money off of it?


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