weekly roundup 08 // 2015.

the weekend outlook:

going to malavalli tomorrow for work and will hopefully be back in time to watch the rcb match with some friends.

my favourite photo from the week:

laura was in town from calcutta this week, and we got to have a fun lady date on thursday night. bangalore, india. april 2015.
laura was in town from calcutta this week, and we got to have a fun lady date on thursday night. bangalore, india. april 2015.

fun things from around the interwebs:

a great column from nick kristof about the new movement of “effective altruism”.

i always love reading stories about ishita’s journey to becoming india’s first professional female surfer as well as about the surf club she and tushar have started just outside manipal.

definitely adding a visit to astoria to my lifetime bucket list. think the brother and i will need to make a trip soon.

a piece in the nytimes about the woman leading efforts to clear laos of unexploded bombs. i learned about how heavily the us bombed laos during the vietnam war when i read john wood’s creating room to read last year, and i was horrified.

karnataka got some love from bbc travel this week, and i couldn’t be happier. love seeing this beautiful state get some recognition for being an awesome spot to visit.

a genealogist in israel helps an auschwitz survivor search for his long-lost twin on facebook. a very intriguing read if you’re interested.

great piece from dustin of too many adapters about how technology is changing the way we travel. it’s something i struggle with whenever i visit a new place, as i’m sure many of you do as well.

taco bell is going to start testing out delivery options. i’m pretty sure they purposely waited until i left the country to pull this one.

this week i learned that arlington national cemetery stands on the grounds of arlington house, which was the former home of robert e lee. lee’s wife, the adopted great-granddaughter of george washington, inherited the home and grounds from her father, and lee had restored everything to proper working order before the outbreak of the civil war. during the war the home was taken over by the union army and was eventually turned into the military cemetery we know it as today. my mind was blown.

in case you missed it:

all those memphis things i miss when i’m gone.


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