march 2021: the month of only watching new-to-me media.

i’m not necessarily doing intentional monthly challenges this year, but i did use march to jumpstart one of my goals for this year which is to watch more new-to-me media.

there are so many great tv shows, movies, miniseries, and documentaries out in the world, but sometimes i get overwhelmed by choices and rewatch old favorites. there’s a time and a place for that to be sure, and sometimes what you need is the comfort of an old favorite that doesn’t make you think too much, but this year i want to be more intentional about watching things i’ve not seen before.

for the month of march i only watched new-to-me media, and below are my thoughts on everything i watched.

  • sylvie’s love on prime video : i loved the story, i loved the acting, but i didn’t love the pacing of the movie. there were a number of scenes i wanted more from, and honestly i would have loved for this to be a miniseries that could have delved into some of those larger themes. essentially, i wanted more.
  • ted lasso on apple tv+ : okay, the image i had in my head of this show was totally different to what it actually is. i was not expecting it to be as warm and heartfelt as it is, and i really loved it. each episode had a great arc, i loved how the characters developed over the course of the series, and to no one’s surprise i have an enormous crush on roy kent. very well done, and i am excited for season 2. honestly if you watch nothing else from this list, watch this.
  • the last dance on netflix : i didn’t watch this when it initially released because i wasn’t in the headspace for it, but i finally got around to it and wow. it covers so much in 10 episodes, including back stories on each of the players and each of the bulls’ championship seasons, and it’s incredibly well made. i was texting my brother so much while i watched that i finally decided to write a full blog post with all of my thoughts; be on the lookout for that coming in the next week or so!
  • wandavision on disney+ : this one was a wild ride! i admittedly didn’t know all of wanda’s or vision’s back stories, so there were bits that i had to put together through google research and leaning on my brother, but it’s a very good show. the first two episodes were slow going for me, which i think was partly due to my lacking context, but the third episode was incredible and each episode after kept me hooked.
  • soul on disney+ : i decided to watch this on a whim one friday night and am so glad i did. it was different from what i was expecting in a totally wonderful way, and it is definitely worth a watch.
  • the crown on netflix : i technically watched the first 4.5 episodes of season 1 when they first released, but then i got distracted and never went back and finished it, so i decided now was as good a time as any to start it back up again. i went back to the beginning and have finished the first season; so far the main thing it’s taught me is that i was always correct in my mistrust of the queen mother.

i likely would have watched even more but march is also the ncaa tournament, so that took over much of my weekends. i have an ongoing list of other things i want to watch, but i am always open to recommendations!


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