44 of 52 / 2019: all the things.

this was one of those all-star memphis weeks. i sat down to write this post and couldn’t pick just one thing to highlight, so you’re getting all of them.

on monday i attended the facing history and ourselves benefit dinner and had the privilege of hearing from some of facing history’s outstanding students as well as from eli saslow, author of rising out of hatred.

on tuesday i facilitated my first parent council meeting, and i think it went really well.

on wednesday we had massages at work as part of our employee appreciation week, and then i attended the national civil rights museum freedom awards with jen.

on thursday i got to dress up as a unicorn – aka wear my pajamas to work – for halloween.

on friday i went to leadership memphis’ multicultural breakfast and then attended two events at the indie memphis film festival: the black creators forum pitch rally and one of the blocks of hometowner documentary shorts.

on saturday i slept in, watched college gameday [in memphis!], saw portrait of a lady on fire, and watched the memphis game at celtic with katie milligan.

and on sunday i slept in again [two days in a row! unheard of], made some food for the week, saw two great movies – lucky grandma and lil’ buck: real swan [complete with some jookin] – and was able to have long phone chats with both chrystal and lauren.

2019-10-30 19.10.47
we fancy up well. memphis, tennessee. october 2019.

yes, i felt pretty crappy for about three of those days, but there were so many other awesome things going on that i wasn’t down for long.

it was a really great week.


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