13 of 52 / 2019: a relaxing sunday.

i just finished a stretch of working 14 days in a row, so i was very happy to have yesterday off. between programming, summer member interviews, and parent orientations, the last two weeks of march are always crazy, and this year was no different.

to celebrate finally having a day off, i treated myself to a productive but restful sunday:

2019-03-31 09.31.05
a cold sunday runday in the park. memphis, tennessee. march 2019.

i slept in a bit and then went for a run in the park.

2019-03-31 12.36.33
jelly pedicure for the win. memphis, tennessee. march 2019.

after a quick visit to the grocery store and a shower, i headed downtown to meet lauren and get my nails done.

2019-03-31 14.40.13
hit the spot. memphis, tennessee. march 2019.

when we finished we strolled over to café keough for a late lunch.

2019-03-31 14.07.43
spring has sprung. memphis, tennessee. march 2019.

i got home in time to catch the end of the first elite eight game. ali came over for a bit to hang out and watch the second game.

2019-03-31 15.31.04
i’m a sucker for pretty brick buildings. memphis, tennessee. march 2019.

after which i made some food for the week, watched some tv, listened to some music, and read my book.

it was the most relaxing sunday i’ve had in a while, and it was much needed.

other highlights included: maciel’s lunch with my girl ruby / civic commons opening reception / a few outstanding memphis sunsets / booked my tickets for canada in may / friday afternoon rooftop drinks / pirates of penzance on saturday night


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