veen on the road: a quick getaway to nashville.

at the beginning of october i finally had a free [long!] weekend and took advantage of it to make a quick trip over to nashville. lindsay and steve had their third baby at the end of september, and i was ready for some baby snuggles and some play time with evelyn and millie.

2018-10-07 14.54.33
two of the best. nashville, tennessee. october 2018.

i drove in on the sunday and met chrystal and pat at city fire for a late lunch. the service wasn’t great, but it was so good to see the both of them and spend some time catching up on their lives.

2018-10-07 19.19.38
my newest love. nashville, tennessee. october 2018.

after lunch i made my way to the new wright homestead to see my girls and meet baby benny. lizzie joined us and we made our way over to the open streets event that was happening in 12south. lindsay and i returned home early so she could rest and we could catch up before the rest of the party came back. we spent the rest of the day chilling at the house, and steve and i took a quick trip to the new jackalope space so i could check it out and restock my reserves.

2018-10-08 10.45.20
so much love for these three. nashville, tennessee. october 2018.

on monday i got up and hung out with e and m while steve went in to work, and we enjoyed a lazy morning on the porch. i stuck around long enough to see molly and eli and their crew and then snuck out while everyone was distracted to hit the road back to memphis.

it was a bit of a flying visit, but it was so great to see my people, to love on some babies, and to get out of town for 24 hours. here’s hoping i can swing a full weekend soon.


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