weekly roundup 34 // 2015.

wine and cheese night in chamarajpet. bangalore, india. october 2015.
wine and cheese night in chamarajpet. bangalore, india. october 2015.

this weekend i am:

going to enjoy a stay-cation in bangalore! i am staying in a fancy hotel, reveling in the ac [it’s been unbearably hot the last two weeks], swimming in the pool, visiting the bangalore palace and the gallery of modern art, [hopefully] finishing my book, prepping some upcoming blog posts, and treating myself to a delicious steak dinner. happy dusshera to me!

interesting things from around the interwebs:

justin timberlake just got inducted into the memphis music hall of famelondon ain’t got no gus’ fried chicken, you know what i’m sayin’? in paris they like to rendezvous, but they ain’t got no rendezvous. egypt has the pyramids, but they ain’t got no bass pro pyramid.

and here he is singing sittin’ on the dock of the bay with sam moore at the end of the ceremony. because memphis.

undefeated memphis beat the ranked ole miss football team last weekend. well done, tigers.

bus stops in former soviet countries.

the 15 coolest bookstores in the world. i’m thinking of making it a life goal of mine to visit all of them. who wants to join me?

michael green, the creator of the social progress index, looks at the new global development goals and discusses how they can be achieved.

the practice of shunning girls while on their period still happens in many places in asia. this article uses nepal as an example, but it definitely still happens in rural india as well.

the 10 best countries for living abroad. anyone up for a move to luxembourg with me?

love this latest poem from my friend amii want to dry my heart clean — till it smells like a morning breeze.

audiobook suggestions from a cup of jo. i know what i’m spending my next audible credits on.

jenny, one of my awesome pledge babies, just wrote an article for the washington post about the upcoming gilmore girls revival. i’ve never been more proud. and now i want to binge-watch the entire series.

and jenny’s new husband dave is the author of the recent huffington post highline article on the future of low-wage workers. can you say power couple?

recent bragging rights for memphis. the homesickness has been rearing its ugly head this week.

a bar in israel is offering 50% off on hummus to a table where jews and arabs are sitting together.

nick kristof on the abominable rates of child malnutrition in india. this is a subject i could discuss for days, so i will refrain for the time being, but the bottom line is this: india has the worst case of child malnutrition in the world. we launched a rover to mars, but we can’t figure out how to protect our children from dying of diarrhea and other parasites. that’s pretty shameful, if you ask me.

and here austin, the stanford university student travelling with kristof, talks about the difference tradition and education can make in a child’s nutrition and upbringing.

in case you missed it:

two years ago i ran my first half marathon in san francisco. it remains the most challenging and also the most rewarding physical thing i have ever done, and i will do it again one of these years.

and a happy dusshera to all of you as well 🙂


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