weekly roundup 30 // 2015.

my favourite photo from the week:

love these little cuties at one of our schools. bangalore, india. september 2015.
love these little cuties at one of our schools. bangalore, india. september 2015.

interesting things from around the interwebs:

an interview with stephanie sinclair, a photographer who has been photographing victims of child marriage around the world and who is working to stop the practice.

the baseball team with no home.

bangaloreans! did you know there is a tedx event in the city on 4th october? i’ve already bought my ticket, so come hang out with me!

cindy is writing a 3-part series about the effects of climate change and the innovative ways different groups and communities are combating it. check it out!

nyc is getting its first new subway station since 1989! can’t wait to check it out the next time i’m in the city.

how roman mars gave the ted talk he wanted to instead of the one that he thought was expected of him. i loved his talk and have been enjoying his podcast ever since.

rachel’s 11 kick-ass things to do in coorg. yes.

a piece on roads & kingdoms about demining bosnia.

the most amazing graduation gift ever.

the cast of modern family recreating the casts from other favourite shows. my favourite has to be cheers.

sweden is experimenting with six-hour work days and is seeing an increase in productivity and a decrease in turnover. i would definitely be more productive with a shorter work day; how about you?

in case you missed it:

my review of sloane crosley’s i was told there’d be cake.


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