weekly roundup 29 // 2015.

my favourite photo from the week:

the awesome security guy at nagarjuna. bangalore, india. september 2015.
the awesome security guy at nagarjuna. bangalore, india. september 2015.

interesting things from around the interwebs:

the 91-year-old who is a designer for ideo. life goals.

differences between india and nepal. all great points.

a very powerful story about what it’s like inside women’s prisons in afghanistan.

date conversation topics from a cup of jo. i love the one about irrational fears from childhood and am definitely going to use that one in the future.

have any of you heard about bespoke india travels? i like the idea of someone else planning my entire itinerary, but i wonder if it means you miss out on some of the more local experiences. i am filing it away for when i have some more money and for when my parents visit again — i think this would be right up my father’s alley.

a look at queen elizabeth ii who on wednesday became the longest-serving british monarch. pretty fascinating.

a campaign to create digital libraries for underserved schools in cambodia.

the new class at the clinton school just chose their recommended reading list. i love that there are two books from jhumpa lahiri on there!

an interview with matt lambros, a photographer who documents abandoned theatres. you can read his blog here. these are the kinds of things that fascinate me.

awesome underground tunnel systems in the us. interesting how many of them are from the prohibition days.

validation of my obsession with health faucets. i seriously don’t know why the us won’t embrace this.

rediscovered the video of jt and garth singing friends in low places today. absolutely amazing.

in case you missed it:

last week’s adventures at the lost caravan.


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