weekly roundup 25 // 2015.

my favourite photo from the week:

love me some bhel puri. bangalore, india. august 2015.
love me some bhel puri. bangalore, india. august 2015.

interesting things from around the interwebs:

an interesting article on atlas obscura about the secret nazi tunnels underneath a german vacation town.

life in a refugee camp through the eyes of its children. the story about the frozen shoes slayed me.

love love love this story about a company in bombay that is using young artists to revitalize the look of the city’s black-and-yellow taxis. such a great idea, and a fantastic way to give some of india’s talented young designers the chance to showcase their work. their kickstarter is going on until the 10th of this month if any of you want to support them, and you can check out taxi fabric’s website for more information. i might be slightly obsessed with this idea.

two nine-year-olds just wrote the most amazing open letter to disney about how their theme parks are playing into gender and racial stereotypes. it’s amazing.

a thought-provoking read from pri about who hiroshima’s memory keepers will be as the generation who survived the atomic bomb begin to die out.

another hiroshima article: some stunning photographs of hiroshima immediately following the bomb, and photographs of those locations today, 70 years later.

10 lists to keep if you want to be successful. i need to be better about self improvements, creative ideas, and contingency plans, but otherwise i keep track of the others in some way, shape, or form. how about you?

an indian family living in the uk has come up with the ultimate breakfast combination: crumpets + chutney. and it sounds rather delicious.

some memphis love, especially for the national civil rights museum, on the huffington post this week.

mindy kaling on confidence. i might not be a huge fan of her shows, but i do think she’s got her shit together pretty well.

i loved this month’s i love memphis podcast with shelby county historian and all-around memphis expert jimmy ogle. i learned at least 4 things i did not previously know about the city, and i am definitely going to check out one of his walking tours when i am back for a visit in the spring.

10 reasons why bangalore is awesome. yes.

a fantastic 48-hour itinerary for memphis. now you have no excuses.

in case you missed it:

my ode to blossom book shop. it’s kind of a magical place.


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