tales from the bus: the lady who sat on my feet and then proceeded to shout at everyone on the bus.

yep, this really happened.

while waiting for a bus to mission road, i noticed a group of six aunties walking toward the bus stop. five of them were shouting at the sixth lady, and she was giving it back to them in a major way. it was all in rapid-fire kannada, so i obviously had no idea what they were saying — all i could do was stand back and hope they carried on past the bus stop and into one of the nearby lanes.

but of course i had no such luck. they boarded the bus right behind me, practically pushing me up the stairs. i stood near the door since i was getting off two stops later, and then one lady pushed me aside and took up my spot. and then, to my absolute surprise and slight horror, the one who was yelling at all the others got on the bus and proceeded to sit down on the floor of the bus…directly on top of my feet.

it was all very awkward and not at all comfortable, but i was not about to say anything. and once she settled herself, she took up her rant once again, shouting at the other five who had dispersed throughout the bus. the driver was extremely confused, and the conductor – a female conductor! – was absolutely bewildered. when she took my money for the fare, she asked me what was going on, and all i could do was shrug my shoulders and reply that i had absolutely no idea.

i knew they were getting off at the same stop i was, but i pushed my way to front and made sure i was the first one off the bus. and as soon as i set foot on the street, even with all the honking, i said a quick thank you for the peace and quiet and escape from all the shouting.

i’ve had my fair share of unpleasant bus experiences, but this was certainly a new one for me.


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