weekly roundup 15 // 2015.

weekend outlook:

hoirong show at the humming tree tonight, certificate and prize distribution at rajajinagar on saturday, and super’s dessert birthday party on sunday. and probably some netflix watching, since i finally got the internets at my house! how about you?

my favourite photo from the week:

loved getting to catch up with tugce while she was in town! bangalore, india. may 2015.
loved getting to catch up with tugce while she was in town! bangalore, india. may 2015.

interesting things from around the interwebs:

the world’s smallest luxury home. i’m ready to get one for myself and hit the road.

time profiles the 25 most influential marriages. do you agree with all of them / think they forgot any?

this ted talk from elora hardy has me dreaming of living in a bamboo home.

brenna’s words about not always connecting to a place you’re visiting really resonated with me, especially her words about jaipur. summed up my experience there in one paragraph.

some interesting notes on the scripps national spelling bee. i myself was a spelling bee nerd back in my day, but i was nowhere near as focused as the kids today.

have any of you heard of fangirl quest? i love the idea of travelling the world and sceneframing the sights. let’s be honest: i love the idea of travelling the world and doing just about anything.

the second installment of “shit bangaloreans say” is spot on.

a recent high school graduate in memphis got accepted to all 8 ivy league institutions but had to reject them all because he didn’t receive enough financial aid for any of them to be viable. if that’s not an eye-opening insight into how ridiculously expensive college has become in the states, i don’t know what is.

my friends at jackalope just got named the best brewery in tennessee on the vacation home rentals blog [selected using trip advisor ratings]. so proud of steve and the whole jackalope gang for putting together such a great company.

in case you missed it:

my review of zeitoun, one of the most interesting books i’ve read in a while.


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