weekly roundup 13 // 2015.

weekend outlook:

friends night at toto’s. a lazy saturday. and on sunday, a sunrise bicycle tour of south bombay with reality tours. any other bombay things i should be doing?

my favourite photo from the week:

morning commute the bombay way. bombay, india. may 2015.
morning commute the bombay way. bombay, india. may 2015.

interesting things from around the interwebs:

some great one-line stories.

i love this idea of hosting a lunch swap during the week with your co-workers. as our bangalore office is currently sarvesh and myself, and we never know when we will cross paths in the office, it wouldn’t work for us right now, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind for the future.

kids are hilarious.

want to sound smarter? eliminate these 15 words from your vocabulary. i’m guilty of overusing a few of them myself.

i just discovered the nytimes series ‘one in 8 million’ and am obsessed. have any of you seen it?

loved this story about a middle school girl with tourette syndrome who is using running as a way to combat her tics. really interesting, and i learned a lot about ts that i never knew before.

umm, how did i not know there was a national geographic bee? i am officially obsessed.

i know i am way out of the loop, but i still cannot get over the bill simmons / espn breakup. i just have so many questions, and if my brother can’t answer them for me, who will?

aziz ansari just wrote a book about finding romance in the digital age, and i cannot wait to get my hands on it.

after this week’s second earthquake hit nepal, there is an even greater need to support the country in whatever way you can. if you don’t know what to do, you can donate to julie’s gofundme campaign that is supporting first responders as well as read nepal. [read: yesterday’s post about some reflections from my time in nepal]

on bbc earth, you can see how the world has changed since the day you were born. pretty cool.

some fantastic maps of london spanning the past century. #mapnerd.

anna kendrick is writing a book! there are no words to describe my excitement.

i just started “the american south: its stories, music, and art” on coursera and am so excited about what it has to offer.

in case you missed it:

revisiting the classics with to kill a mockingbird.


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