weekly roundup 06 // 2015.

weekend outlook:

moving stuff into my new house! how about you?

my favourite photo from this week:

discovering hidden gems while house hunting. bangalore, india. march 2015.
discovering hidden gems while house hunting. bangalore, india. march 2015.

fun things from around the interwebs:

some really cool photographs from around the world. a few are unedited, a few are time-lapse, and a few are just out-of-this world. my favourites were the musician in sarajevo and the flights taking off at lax. how about you?

a very interesting piece on grantourismo about avoiding one-off orphanage visits in cambodia. i didn’t even realize this was a thing, and the article and the comments are very eye-opening.

in case you needed another reason to love farhan akhtar [though i can’t imagine why], he is now un women’s first ever male goodwill ambassador. that man is a good egg.

a think tank in dc released a ranking of the teams in the ncaa men’s basketball tournament based on academics and graduation rate rather than on-court record. the overall winner? davidson college. arkansas’ ranking? 57 out of 64 teams, with an overall male graduation rate of 56 percent and a men’s basketball graduation rate of 55 percent. that’s pretty sad, razorbacks.

may or may not have gotten a mention on renuka’s recent collaborative list of best street foods in india. and i stand by every single word.

fifteen years ago i left on my first trip to jamaica. it was a trip that forever changed my life, and rarely a day goes by that i don’t remember something from one of my seven trips to that beautiful island. thinking of this year’s trippers as they undergo a truly transformative experience.

a great video on penny hardaway’s return to memphis after a 16-year nba career. i knew he was coaching middle school basketball, but i didn’t know the full story behind his return until now. it’s a great watch, and well worth the tears i shed. one for all. all for one. all for memphis.

kami’s got some great photos of street art in buenos aires, if you’re interested.

amrita’s post about darjeeling has my feet itching and my mind making all sorts of plans. who’s up for a trip?

in case you missed it:

debuting my new best in bangalore series.


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